AGM - Wednesday 19 April 2023
7pm West Down Parish Hall

Welcome to Fullabrook CIC

We are a grant giving organisation based in North Devon that offers funding support to local charities, voluntary and community group, sports clubs and other not-for-profit organisations with projects that benefit the residents living in the area surrounding the Fullabrook Wind Farm.

We aim to support activities or projects that focus on energy efficiency, energy conservation or development of renewable energy resources; sustainable transport schemes; affordable recreation; community safety; and such other facilities and amenities as will benefit the local residents or any other activity for the benefit of the community.

Fullabrook CIC was set up in 2011 to administer a Community Fund established by Devon Wind Power Ltd, who own the Fullabrook Wind Farm. Although the funding is derived from Devon Wind Power Ltd, we operate entirely independently from it, and its parent company, ESB Wind Development UK Ltd.

The Fund started with £1 million when the wind farm began generating electricity in 2011, and a further annual payment of £100,000 is received from Devon Wind Power each year that the wind farm generates power.   From formation to the end of 2021, Fullabrook CIC has invested £1,494,825 in the local community.
We hope that our website and application guidelines have addressed any questions you may have had. If not, we are happy to answer
any questions by email if you would like advice or more information before submitting an application:

Please note that as our office is not staffed fulltime we do not have a telephone number, and we do not accept applications by post.
Applications and supporting information should be submitted by email.