We offer four different types of grant.    Follow the appropriate link to download an application form in word format.   The application includes specific guidance for each grant scheme.   You should save this form to your hard drive (it does not automatically save) and then submit your application by email to   Please ensure you include all the additional information requested on the application form.  We are unable to accept applications that do not include all the necessary information and attachments. When applying for a Small or Main Grant you will need to provide:

• Your constitution

• Your latest set of accounts (no older than 18 months)

• A quote or similar (this could be a weblink) for the items you want to purchase in a capital application

• A project budget for project costs or running costs (we may ask you for more information, or quotes where we feel these should have been provided)

• A bank statement dated within the last three months (for grants over £1,000)

• Your safeguarding policy (if you work with adults at risk, or children and young people)

Our committee meetings are held every six to eight weeks. We aim to respond quickly to your application. Applications for Small Grants, Very Small Grants and Enriched Learning Grants may also be fast-tracked via a sub-committee meeting in between our main meeting dates though this cannot be guaranteed.

Applications and supporting information can only be accepted by email to: We regret we accept postal applications only in rare circumstances. Please contact us if you feel unable to complete and submit an online application.

Successful applicants will be expected to confirm adherence to our Terms and Conditions, which can be found here

Successful applicants will be expected to complete a brief impact form within 12 months of the grant, and before re-applying. Organisations who do not provide this grant report will be unable to reapply.

Examples of projects recently funded can be found here.

Please click the links below to find out about the different grant types and links to the relevant application form.

For capital or project costs where the request is in excess of £1,500. The maximum grant is £50,000 but is usually much less. Note that we rarely fund the full cost of a project, and expect applicants to have secured some match funding, either from their own funds, or other sources. Please click here for an application form.
For capital purchases, project costs or running costs, where the request is £1,500 or less.  Please click here for an application form.
For seed funding new projects and new start-ups where the request is £500 or less. These grants will be considered for applicants who do not yet have a committee structure, or bank account in the organisation name. Please click here for an application form.
Accessible to schools within our catchment area, to support and enrich the education of local children. This fund can only be used to support non-statutory elements of education, such as school trips. Please contact our administrator to find out if your school is eligible, whether your project is eligible, and what level of funding might be available. Please click here for an application form. 
We hope that our website and application guidelines have addressed any questions you may have had. If not, we are happy to answer
any questions by email if you would like advice or more information before submitting an application:

Please note that as our office is not staffed fulltime we do not have a telephone number, and we do not accept applications by post.
Applications and supporting information should be submitted by email.