Previous Grant Awards

The grants below are examples of those recently awarded in 2021, listed by grant type, recipient, the project detail and the amount granted.
Enriching Education
Southmead Primary
Coach transport for children participating in the Braunton Learning Community Junior Music Festival at the Landmark Theatre
Enriching Education
Shirwell Primary
Toward the cost of a trip for Key Stage 1 pupils to the Pinkery Pond Education Centre on Exmoor
Enriching Education
Marwood Primary
Toward transporting pupils to the Braunton Learning Community Junior Music Festival at the Landmark Theatre
Main Grant
1st Ilfracombe Scout Group
Camping and outdoor kitchen equipment for use by Scouts, Cubs and Beavers
Main Grant
Titans Netball Club
A proportionate contribution (taking into account the number of members living in the Fullabrook area) toward the cost of training new coaches and umpires.
Main Grant
Braunton Cricket Club
Toward the cost of upgrading and replacing the toilet facilities at Braunton Cricket Club for the benefit of members and the wider public.
Main Grant
Family Compass CIO
Toward the cost of offering a mental health and wellbeing programme to families living in the Fullabrook area
Small Grant
Chill Therapy CIC
Toward safety equipment to support safe delivery of cold water swimming courses for people struggling with mental health.
Small Grant
Sea Ilfracombe
Toward the infrastructure costs of delivery Sea Ilfracombe 2022 - a two day free maritime Festival
Small Grant
ICE Ilfracombe
Toward increasing running costs of the Delta Club - an after school youth cafe in Ilfracombe
Small Grant
Barnstaple AFC Ability Team
Toward the coach transport costs to allow the teams to play away matches in the Devon FA Ability Counts League.
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